Nothing could be more exciting than this kind of news. Some of you might not understand the severity of this disease called POLIO, except those who are either health professionals, worked in a hospital setting or have probably had a bad experience.

It’s been one year since the last case of polio was reported in the country. It was a 16month old boy from Sumaila LGA in Kano State. But for Nigeria to be certified free of Polio, it has to maintain this zero-status till 2017.

So I’m using this medium to beg all parents, especially mothers, not to run away from immunizing their under-5 children, whether or not they have a fever. If you see all those people who wear green aprons, moving from door to door, carrying a box, don’t be hostile to them. Just gently submit your kids and even point out houses with kids under the age of 5 that they could immunize. Remember, if one child has polio, your own child stands a chance of getting infected.


Kids and sweets! Smh!

I remember a 4year old who was rushed to the emergency room because of a ‘crazy’ fever and vomiting, the last thing on anybody’s mind was Polio…Polio ke?! Anyway, the doctor on call gave the little boy an intramuscular injection. The child got better but after a week the child was left with paralysis of that limb. I still see that child, he’s now 10years old but with a limp.

So, I beg you peeps, let’s do what we need to do, to get the ‘evil’ out of our midst.

Polio will not locate any of our kids in Jesus name. Amen.

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