R. I. P Jamal Ottun

It breaks my heart when I have to turn my kids’ requests to go on some school trips, but I really don’t care if they cry blood or cry me a river…No is No! No matter how the school authorities try to convince me, I still maintain my No O!

I’ve always been paranoid about school trips that have to do with traveling out of the country, even out of the state. I hate ‘water’ trips such as boat trips, swimming whatever. Because no matter how the school tries to provide necessary care for the kids, human beings are still human beings, they are not perfect. There is no way they are going to give each child individual attention. Two adults could be seen overseeing about 20 kids…for this, I say a big No!

I have heard so many horrible near death experiences of children and even actual deaths of some kids like Late 17year old Jamal Ottun, a former classmate’s nephew, who died recently from drowning while swimming with his school mates at the Shawnigan lake on Vancouver Island, Canada. He went for this same school trip with his school’s Rugby team for a Rugby tour. I don’t want to imagine what his family may be going through. May God in His infinite mercy, comfort them.

Jamal isn’t the only case I’ve heard of. Is it the 12 year old girl that died in her hotel room in Paris some years back, the teachers didn’t even know she was missing until they were about to return back home! Or is it one 9 year old pupil of a primary school that died in a freak accident from a boat trip…school trip O!

I know God takes care of His children and their safety, most of the time, is not in our hands. But God expects some level of caution from we parents. For me I just go with what my Spirit tells me. The first sign of discomfort I get about any trip disqualifies my kids from going…and they know this, so they don’t even bother arguing!

May the good Lord continue to protect our kids in Jesus name. Amen.

Jamal, I know you are in a better place, may you continue to rest in peace. Amen.

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