I just finished listening to a friend who came to me to ‘cry’ out his eyes. Thankfully, he doesn’t read my blog!

He’s never been lucky with relationships. The women just keep leaving him! He’s presently going through a fifth break-up in less than 2 years.

This my friend really doesn’t deserve all these heartbreaks. But if truth be told, like said to him… He’s too nice for my liking. He can’t hurt a fly… Which isn’t cool. He should have killed like over 20 flies by now… Try asking some of my ‘evil’ male friends, or even my brothers.

I’ve told him that most good girls like bad boys, and vice versa. He should try ruffling his hair and wearing creased shirts! *hehehe*

Guys, if you are reading this post, and you are in a similar situation, heed my advice… Stop being too nice. Girls are disgusted with guys who have a problem saying “No”, who rush to their side everytime they cry ‘wolf’, who cry them a river when their girlfriends are in pain.

Even me I tire for the niceness. Sometimes, their girlfriends deliberately look for trouble, just so that they can spice up the relationship, but these guys just don’t get it, they start apologising or looking for ways to pacify them!

I’m not saying that you should be evil or wicked… Just be yourself. Na… What if your real self is being “Mr Nice Guy”…Uugh!

Okay, I got it… Mr Nice Guy, please look for a Miss Bad Girl! It’s more exciting!

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