And trust Nigerian parents to add salt to the injury.

The incidence happened in Abia state. The victim, a 15 year old JSS 3 girl, who just finished writing her junior WAEC exams. On her way back from her married sister’s house, 3 boys,who had been making advances at her dragged her into bush and took turns in abusing her.

Instead of her mother to handle her daughter and the situation with utmost care, she started blaming her for being raped and even started stigmatising her.

The traumatised Girl, not knowing what to do and where to go, plus fear of possibly getting pregnant, hung herself on a guava tree(an orange tree wouldn’t have made a difference… Mscheew).

*I don’t understand why some mothers do that, blame their daughters for being sexually molested or raped… Well, that’s part of being female in Nigeria. Even if their fathers raped them, the daughters will still be punished or blamed. SMH!

Meanwhile, these same boys that raped this girl, are probably boys, that their mothers will do anything to have. When they have the so called male child, training the boy becomes a problem. Is it not better to have 10 girls than having 1 useless male child who brings nothing but shame to their family.

Bottom line is that, mothers are not doing much to protect their girl-child. Start talking to your sons…stop deceiving yourselves.

May the soul of Comfort Uche-Ume rest in perfect peace. May those boys and their families, who caused this have no rest until they face the full wrath of the law.


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