PUNCH just brought a gist about a security man who was stabbed to death on his way back from work with a colleague.

According to the story told, Wasiu Okanlawon, the victim, was going home in a commercial bus with a female colleague, when the bus developed a flat tyre. While the bus driver was trying to change the tyre, the passengers were attacked by armed robbers.

Wasiu had managed to escape with his laptop, but noticed that his female colleague was been attacked by the robbers, so he went back to save her. It was while he was saving her that the robbers stabbed him on the neck and stole the laptop and phones!

The deceased I hear, was supposed to get married in September … What a pity’!

Now what do you guys think?

  1. Don’t you think the bus driver should be investigated, because for all you know, he might have been part of it?!
  2. Do you think the guy should have gone back to save the lady after saving himself?!

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