Just look at what a husband and wife, Mr Francis and Chibuzor Onyeji, did to a 13 year old girl, who is supposed to be the woman’s niece.

Apparently, the girl was brought in as a maid. While Mrs Onyeji was busy beating her black and blue, Mr Onyeji, was busy having sex with her!

Last weekend, Mrs Onyeji was arrested for burning the JSS 2 student’s body parts with an intentionally heated knife, done over a stove. This happened after she discovered that her husband had been having carnal knowledge of the girl for 2years in exchange for money. Meaning that the retarded husband would give the little girl between N1,000 and N1,500. The stupid woman even accused the poor girl of lying against her husband.

Now, the fool of a husband is on the run!

I don’t understand why these media people cannot tarnish the image of these culprits or others in similar misbehavior. They should be exposing them, so that we, the masses, can have a clear picture of the ‘bad eggs’ among us.

Another thing that seriously irritates me, is how women are fast to defend their lying and cheating, child-molester husband. Instead of them to investigate the matter and bring their husbands to book, they carry out their transferred aggression on the innocent victims.

Please I’m begging the government to make sure that this couple experience the full wrath of the law!!

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