Not funny anymore…the hustle doesn’t get any better, you know?

Writing is my passion and forever will be, but my daily activities which are my obligations, deny me the pleasure of basking in it. It’s becoming a pathetic situation, I might just cry me a river!

Now, the weekend is just a few hours away, why am I not excited? I’ll tell you…because the weekend will probably not be different from any other day! What’s the point of having a weekend, when you can’t totally enjoy it?!

Everyday, I try to restrategize on how I can be consistent with the blog but it’s so so difficult, because I have primary duties which really can’t be secondary. So how can you guys help me sustain my dreams…ideas are very welcome.

But you know what?…that won’t stop me from wishing you guys a very Happy Thursday! And I promise you guys that I will keep up the struggle of constantly informing and entertaining you. You can’t imagine the back log of mails…hehehe!

Stay blessed.

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