Please I need anyone reading this blog, to repost this article until it gets to the appropriate authorities in charge of SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 ADH warranty.

I purchased, or rather my hubby purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5 a year ago, with a warranty of 24 months, and had it registered. Screens have a way of cracking in my hubby’s care (don’t ask me how). To cut the story short, he bought a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I naturally ‘inherited’ the S5!

Personally, I can’t stand cracked phone screens, so I proceeded to one of the Samsung Smart Care Centre at Ojuelegba. After waiting for about 45 minutes, they told me that SAMSUNG had stopped the ADH on S5 and a couple of other Samsung series. I was flabbergasted. Anyway, they referred me to the Smart Care Centre in Ikeja.

I got to the one at Ikeja and the same old story but they were offering to repair the screen for N40, 000…which of course I found ridiculous, considering the fact that the warranty on it hadn’t expired. I walked away, not knowing what to do exactly. Nice environment they had there by the way, though.

Now, I need Samsung to please explain what’s going on, or is the problem peculiar to Lagos, Nigeria, alone?!

If you’ve have read up to this point, please help broadcast this, and see how your life will be richly blessed. Don’t just read and say it doesn’t concern you… It may be you tomorrow, or your sister, mother, anyone you know!

SAMSUNG please reply this query and send it to


  1. Yes, even in South Africa people are having problems claiming through ADH. They come up with a million excuses not to repair your phone under warranty. They even quote you before checking the warranty sometimes.

    They do not want to say it to some of us but we know that they have decided to scrap ADH because of possible fraud that has been occurring on it i.e. multiple claims on same device.

    This is the evidence:


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