I just love listening to my kids’ discussions most of the time…just wacky!

Okay, it’s like this: I was bringing them back from Sunday school, and all three were at the back talking about their day.
Last daughter: oh, you guys…I’m so excited! The bully is gaw-awn! The bully is gaw-awn!
Son: what bully?
First daughter: why?
Last daughter: there was a bully in my class. He’s always beating people up so today, he pushed someone down and the boy broke his head. So they sent him on detention.
Son: did he ever bully you?
Last Daughter: not really but he bullies every one!
Son: did you tell him about me? That you have a big brother…a very big one. (Feeling protective and proud of himself)
First daughter: a big one indeed (rolling her eyes).

I don’t know if this sounds funny, but it is to me! The way my first daughter said it, she just had to go and bust my son’s bubble! *party pooper*

Of curze, me I just continued my driving pretending to be minding my bee’s wax! If you make an attempt to get involved… You will be done for!

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