“The truth will set you free”, or so they say. That’s true, but will probably leave you dead or alive.

I personally don’t think it’s all truths that have to be told, sometimes, they are better left discovered than told. If told, the bitterness of the harsh reality can
be very fatal. But if this same truth is discovered, there’s a high possibility that the affected person will probably have a softer landing in accepting the truth.

Well, these are just my thoughts…why bother forcing the truth of a matter on someone you claim to love so much, especially when the matter is not a problem for your loved one at that point in time. Love shouldn’t cause pain… Or should it?… Just so you can satisfy your own conscience.

The truth will definitely prevail but at the appointed time. Even if you decide to run your mouth now, all in the name of telling the truth, your ‘righteous service’ may not be appreciated.

So, be careful how and when you tell your so called truth, because the one who may suffer the aftermath might just be you.

Always apply wisdom…wisdom. Don’t tell lies either.

Good morning peeps.


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