Happy new month peeps!

Like my very good friend said, “Today marks the beginning of the second half of the year”. And it also marks the beginning of more signs and wonders to come.

For some people going through trying moments (who isn’t really?!), I say to you don’t give up on your struggles. You are much closer to your dreams than you think…trust me :mrgreen:.

It’s only the weak and the doubtful that give up. You keep fighting until your last breath, but we will all live long to reap the fruit of our labor in Jesus name. Amen.

Every new day, new month or new year, you must see as a privilege and not a luxury to be wasted. Be appreciative. Quit complaining, the journey doesn’t get any easier!

As you approach your dreams, be sure to help someone with his or her own dreams. Don’t be selfish. Your success will not be complete if there’s no one to celebrate with you.

So make sure you don’t dull again this month!


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