My peeps, even me myself, I’m confused but now I’m convinced that I must be the employee and my maid the employer.

The pictures you see above is a confirmation of what I’m trying to tell you.  It’s only the employee that wakes up before the employer and while the employee is running helmet skelter to get the kids ready for school, the employer will be sleeping.

My maid, the employer doesn’t take instructions again and does what she likes, when she likes. This stupid girl has been warned times without number to always retire to bed early and not stay up watching ‘Africa Magic’, instead, she watches till dawn. The resultant effect is what you see up.

A maid that will have the guts to tell me to my face that she has somewhere ‘important’ to go, if she’s asked to stay home and care for my sick daughter. She even ‘adviced’ me to take my daughter to the office so that when she gets back from her’important’ place, she’ll come get her.

My peeps, I can’t begin to recount how many instances my maid has proven to me that she’s my ‘boss’!

But I have a major shocker for her this coming weekend. She has absolutely no idea of what is to befall her. I’m making her so comfortable and letting her eat all her ‘last suppers’.

I’ll definitely keep you guys posted… Let me continue attending to my ‘oga’!

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