What’s happening to young girls of these days?! Imagine a young promising girl with a bright future, killing herself because of a MAN!!

I just read a story about how a 26 year old student of Delta State University, committed suicide just because her fiancé of 7 years called it quits. The poor girl overdosed herself and died before help could reach her.

I don’t understand why some girls would rather die in a fruitless relationship than move on to a better life. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m the one that is abnormal, especially in my way of thinking.

When a relationship goes sour, sometimes it’s just for the best. If you’ve committed your relationship into God’s hands and it still breaks, then it’s for the best.

If you, as a woman, have tried very hard in putting in your best in a relationship and it still doesn’t work out, then the problem may not be you, but him. 

You girls really need to start placing yourselves in high esteem. Even when the guy starts dating someone else, some of you still spend your lifetime stalking your ex and his beau. Some even go as far as creating scenes in public! I say nothing to you but “shame”. 

I urge you all in God’s name, please, start learning to love yourselves. No man is worth dying for. If your ex doesn’t appreciate you enough to marry you, then it’s his loss, not yours. 

On a final note, it’s better to end a 10 year courtship than suffer a lifetime of pain in marriage. A lot of you think that marriage is a joke…you better think again. 

…tell them Nicki.

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