My dear, there’s nothing someone will not see or hear.

Just the other day at the clinic, I met a young lady, well not so young like that, who, as far as I am concerned came to the clinic to lament.

Apparently, she was having trouble sleeping. She broke up with her boyfriend about 6 months ago but started dating his close friend 2 months ago. She doesn’t feel it’s right, even though the relationship has been going on smoothly.

I’m sorry, but the first thing that came to my mind was, why would anyone want to date her ex-boyfriend’s friend. That’s low. You need to keep people like that at an arm’s length. It just doesn’t make sense at all!

How are you sure they’ve not had a bet on you? Maybe, your ex has discussed your bedroom skills with his friends and it’s only one of them that has the guts to come check you out.

See, I’m not asking you to keep malice with anyone, I’m just asking you to maintain some self-respect for yourself. No matter how kind or romantic he appears, do not give into his advances. Keep the guy at an arm’s length. Be a ‘friend’ from a distance.

So, when the lady in the clinic asked my opinion in the matter, I simply told her that I didn’t buy the idea. She felt relieved hearing it from me, because according to her, I wouldn’t be the first person telling her same.

So, would you date your Ex’s friend?

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