This my maid is seriously hitting on my nerves.

I just walked into her room only to see one of my kid’s bedspread on her bed. That I even managed to give her one, doesn’t that count for anything? So, when my kids change bed sheets, she will change her own too Na?!…as what Na?!

I’m crying that my kids don’t have enough bedspreads, she now has the effrontery to still take out of it, without my permission! What stops her from washing hers in the morning so that before night time, her bed sheet will be ready for use.

I hate when I’m upset like this, she’ll be no where to be seen…very irritating! It’s better to vent when she’s around, so that she’ll see me in a ‘devil mode’! She doesn’t even have a phone, so that I can scream her phone battery flat.

My fear is that I hope she isn’t doing same for the kids’ towels. She’ll be ‘fried’ if I find out…very dead!

Grrrrrrr…so upset right now.

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