Na wah O! The matter is getting serious on this ‘hustling’ of a thing…everyone seems to be doing it! There are hustles, and there are hustles…meaning hustling get levels. My hubby’s hustle is different from mine, and the same time, you can’t compare my hustle with my maid’s own…mbanu!

Ever since I scolded my maid and told her her life history, she’s been hustling to get my attention, recognition and of course more of my money…what did she do and what did I say, you may ask?!…Ngwa, judge the matter…

I asked the silly girl to bring my lunch from home to my workplace at about 2pm and I begged the ‘goat’ O! Usually, I get really hungry in between work, and I really don’t like eating out. I explained all this to her.

Peeps, na so 2pm, even 4pm met me on my seat. So I closed for the day and decided to go home to change into something more comfortable before picking the kids from school. I got home, rang my bell, and who did I meet at the door looking like she was having a swell time…yours truly, my maid! Of course, I gave her the ‘daggers’, while she tried profusely to explain why she couldn’t make it. She went on and on about how she couldn’t tell the the time because there was no timepiece in the house, no phone (she doesn’t have a phone, can you dig it?!) and then the one in the living room not working, blah, blah, blah! I just hushed her up and told her that if she really wanted to bring the food, timepiece or no time piece, she would have brought it. But the wickedness, self-centerdness inside of her wouldn’t let her. And it’s the behaviour of hers that will never make me go an extra mile for her. Meanwhile, I met her with a large bowl of food watching ‘Africa Magic’! The stupid girl was comfortable eating, knowing fully well her Madame hadn’t eaten. I reminded her that “To whom much is given, much is expected” and that she shouldn’t expect more than her salary. Sebi, she has a lame boyfriend who is letting her do ‘housemaid’ work so that she can pay her N50,000 school fees! What boyfriend does that?! That in as much as she’s serving me, she will not get more than her salary! She has constantly proven she’s not ready to bend her back for anybody, and me sef, I’m not ready to fracture my spine or any part of my body for her. That she’s not enjoying me at all, she should go and ask people that know me…just salary is what she will get!

The stupid girl doesn’t even have a phone, not even Nokia with torchlight, and she’s claiming she has a boyfriend! I told her to bury her face in shame. Sebi, if she treats me well, school fees and phone problem would have been a thing of the past. But as it is now, she will never enjoy more than salary! I concluded by reminding her that her so-called boyfriend is enjoying her more than she is enjoying her. That how many men would she have to sleep with before she gets a phone or pay her school fees? That the so-called boyfriend is not doing anything for her now and I know she will soon leave him for another loser!

She wants to enjoy me, but she can never spare a day in the weekend to come and help me, knowing fully my weekend is the fullest. I just told her that there was nothing special she was doing for and so she shouldn’t expect any special treatment…Mscheew!

To my utmost ‘surprisation’, my silly maid came back from school on a freaking Saturday!! I asked her what happened, that didn’t she have lectures?! I thought they had lectures into the night sef!!! Then, it occurred to me that this girl might just be hustling for some extra help from me after all the ‘sermon’ I gave! Lol!

She will have to wait in 6months for an evaluation…Phew! Just had to vent…feels good! #MonsterMaid 

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