Report just came to me that there’s a rumor going on about Toke’s husband, Maje Ayida, impregnating his ex-girlfriend, one Anita Solomon.

Stella Dimokokorkus (SDK) reports that Maje and Anita have been in an on and off relationship for 8years before he finally ended things to be with Toke, whom he also dated on and off! #ConfusedHumanBeing

A source told SDK that the gist is 100% true and confirmed. That presently, Anita is in UK to have the baby. They say her family is so disappointed in her, especially since she witnessed how Maje dumped her to marry Toke, and she became a side chic.

I even heard that after Maje married Toke, he never severed ties with Anita. That he even opened a salon for her in Calabar.

Anyway, if Toke gets to read this, this is my advice to her… No matter the circumstances, keep your cool. Do not break up your relationship with your husband and do not send him packing. You are allowed to be angry. You are allowed to ignore him for days to months, but don’t let your anger last for too long. You can talk about it with Maje, heart to heart and ask all the questions and all the “Whys”. That’s the sad part of marriage God never tells us, and then He makes us swear an oath of “For better for worse”! But you see, it’s only the strong that come out victorious and enjoy the dividends of marriage.

So, my final words, do not abandon your marriage Toke. There’s no guarantee that the next guy you meet won’t cheat on you….harsh reality of life!

Much love, peace!



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