Water is good for our body system and everybody knows that.

Getting kids to drink water can be quite tasking but it comes with a lot of patience and endurance as a parent.

Some mothers start to train their kids early enough from childhood and these kids end up loving water more than other drinks. Meanwhile, some mothers train theirs with sugared drinks or flavoured water, making it more difficult to get these kids to drink water when much older.

This article is a reminder for parents to make sure their kids drink at least 10 glasses of water which is equivalent to 1 large bottle of ‘Eva’ water.

Tips on how you can achieve that include:
1. First thing in the morning when the kids wake up, get them to drink a glass of water.
2. After their breakfast and before they set off for school, get them to take 1 or 2 glasses.
3. Make sure you fill their water bottles with water instead of giving sugared drinks… I don’t want to mention any one.
4. Serve water to them at all meals. If they refuse, encourage them with rewards, especially with something they can’t resist.
5. Give water last thing at night.

I know some of you may not agree with this water drinking because you might have kids with bed-wetting issues! Is it not better to simply wake your child up to ‘wee’ than have one ill from dehydration.

Did you know that dehydration causes a lot of problems like kidney failure, seizure disorders, shock and eventually death.

So if you know you truly care about your child, then do the aforementioned.

a lot of mothers have a bad hab


  1. Please include juice oh,for some people juice is a form of showing money. I once had a problem with an elderly woman who won’t let me be cos I won’t give my kids juice. She felt I was behaving like a poor woman oh


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