This question has been on my mind for sometime now.

What kind of motivates me to keep striving to reach my personal and financial goal, is when I ask myself if I am an ‘asset’ or a ‘liability’.

If I am more of an asset than a liability, then that’s a good thing. Okay, let me stop my rambling and explain what I mean… You know you are an ‘asset’ if you yield capital for the family and your home, you don’t accumulate unnecessary expenses. But you are a ‘liabilty’ when all you do is to amass expenses, meanwhile you are not bringing capital home.

On top of being a ‘liability’, you have loads of domestic staff that you obviously do not pay, your hubby does, that work for you! All you do is to spend your hubby’s money. Oh, I forgot to mention that your hubby also caters for your whole village. This is the kind of daughter Inlaw a mother prays never to have. And when the man dies, someone just has to ‘inherit’ you…a ‘liability’.


is this how you want to weigh your spouse down?

On the other hand, a woman that joins the hubby in maintaining the home is undoubtedly an ‘asset’. She may not necessarily bring a huge income in, but the little money she makes from her ‘hustles’, make a difference. She may have one or no domestic staff to help handle chores in the house. Her hubby holds her in highest esteem…he may not tell her to her face but by his actions, she can tell that he loves and respect her.


Or do you want to be an asset with loads of value?

All of a sudden, while I was on my bed, I feared and hoped I was not a liability to my hubby… So I started doing a background check on all my activities… And guess what I came up with? I am both an ‘ASSET’ and a ‘LIABILITY’… shamefully, I came to that conclusion…but I’m more of an’ asset’ though… So ‘shoki’!

Being… Both can’t be that bad na… Wareva! If you are more of an asset, you stand a higher chance of having a happier home… Okay, maybe not happier, but you’ll last in the marriage.


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