This girl is growing cheeky by the day! Imagine turning a simple conversation into something complex …infact!

What happened? She forgot her swim suit at home and begged me to find time and bring it to her… Well, that time never came or rather, I never found the time to do that. What?! What was I supposed to do, abandon my clients over a swimsuit?!

Anyways, while picking them up from school, my daughter, finally out of her sulking mood, summoned the strength to ask why I didn’t make any effort to bring her swim suit.
Hmmm… Such tone. This children, I wonder what they take me for. *smh*

I decided it was time to infuse my ‘preaching’.
“Sweetheart, it’s important you understand that when something doesn’t happen when you want it, it’s God trying to protect you from harms way. Haven’t you heard that every disappointment is a blessing? You must learn to praise and thank God in every situation, good or bad. What’s the point asking God for protection, if we can’t appreciate what He does in His own way”.

“what about when you and daddy quarrel?!” she retorted. Waoh! Didn’t see that coming!

“Are you okay? What has my quarrel with your daddy got to do with what I’m saying? You better check if you have a fever! Mscheew!” I scolded.

Don’t mind the girl, getting sharp-tongued day by day. Just trying to get back at me in her own little way.

Whatever sha, she got the message and point noted.

Now we can all breathe easy, or else “The story of the forgotten swimsuit” will never end like the Nigerian movies! *wink wink*

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