Dear NHW,

I’m a 23 year old graduate of Chemical Engineering and presently at war with my parents over my relationship.

I’ve been dating my fiance for the past 2 years, shortly before I graduated from University. Granted, he’s much older than me (15 years apart) and runs his own business.

Ever since I introduced my fiance to my parents, they’ve been on my case to break off from the relationship. Of course, I won’t do that! According to them, they feel he’s too old for me.

When did age become and issue in marriage, or even a criteria?! I’ve been begging them to give me other reasons apart from that but they aren’t.

Please, I need a sincere answer. Is there something I’m missing here. Because, this guy treats with utmost respect and love, compared to other guys I’ve dated, who were around my age.

*My dear distraught writer. I’ve been in that predicament sort of in my earlier days as a youth.  I dated this guy who was about 8 years different in age from me. Even as nice as he was, my family and friends were on my case to break it off with him. Their reasons were that, he’s much older and could ‘chance’ me in the marriage. That he has more experience in women than I ever did with guys, so there was a tendency that he would ‘use’ and dump me. I believed them so much that I broke it off! Ironically, he still got married to someone much younger the following year and they are still together.

So my dear, ignore all that rubbish about your fiance being too old for you. If he loves you and you love him back, please go on ahead, as long as there is nothing incriminating about him. There is no guarantee that if you married someone your age or near, you will get a better treatment… None at all! So please flow with your heart and mind. Wish you all the best.


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