This may sound like a cliché of all clichés, but still remains a fact.

Every day I wake up, I marvel at God’s awesomeness! I’m so grateful for being given a ‘second chance’ everyday, a second chance to make things better. I accept I’m not perfect and I will never be(because that will be like taking God’s pla




The thought of waking up and hearing the birds chirp on tree tops, or is it the sound of my hubby’s snoring, or the fact that my kids take me through the ‘grind’  before they get ready for school…just drives my crazy happy!

Because of life’s awesomeness, I have quit complaining or grumbling at tasks I need to do and simply embrace them with loving arms and DO THEM!

No point keeping malice or holding grudges. Let the other person know how much they’ve hurt you. Life is all about making mistakes and correcting those mistakes. Don’t deny yourself a chance at being happy just because of someone’s, not yours, stupid mistake.

Talk to someone today. You don’t have all the answers but someone might just have that one answer you’ve been searching for all your life.

I’m not preaching, I’m just a sinner who just appreciates God in the smallest ways possible.

Please stay connected with Naijahousewife and continue to have a blessed



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