Now my son is beginning to freak me out! Ever since he started saving his weekly allowance, he has taken it to another level.

The annoying part is that even when they are on holiday, he thinks he should still get his weekly allowance! He practically ‘bends’ my arm to get a weekly allowance…of course, I don’t pay attention to his ‘greed’…no school is no school!

Just the other day, when I went to pick him up, he suddenly requested if I could get him some snacks and then I replied, “But Daddy, you have money now…use your money!”

“Aagh No O, mummy! Don’t worry, I’ll manage!” he said, feeling defeated.

I just shook my head and continued, “You don’t have to be too hard on yourself you know. Spend some and save some!”

“You mean, more like, Spend none and save all!” He retorted.

“I hope you don’t end up being a ‘Gringe'” I said finally.

But on the flip side, I’m proud of him. I’m glad I delayed giving him access to money until now. He’s more mature and definitely understands the value of money. If anyone ever told me that my son would trade sweets and everything edible for savings, I would have done that person in!

Like I’ve always shared with some of my friends, it doesn’t make sense giving a schoolchild money when you know definitely they won’t use it wisely. If they are not buying sweets, they are buying some ‘razz’ biscuits or some rejected china chocolates! At the end of the day, it’s you the parent that will suffer the consequences of an unhealthy child. What would it take a parent to prepare healthy meals for their school child?!

Anyway, I think if parents delayed giving their kids money too early in life, the kids will at the end of the day, will learn the art of saving and spending.

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