This is the exact look she had on her face

Please guys, do not pay particular attention to the title of this article! Lol! It doesn’t mean my daughter is one, it’s just that she got me bothered and thinking if she was becoming one.

I really worried a bit and I meant to ask you guys your opinion on how I could handle the issue – whether I should ignore her comment or follow through after addressing it. Okay, enough talk…let me just spill it.

One time, I was just walking past from the living room to the kitchen(you know why! *eyes rolling* kitchen is for cooking and you know I hate cooking!). Anyways, the way my 6 year old was ‘consumed’ by what she was watching, totally caught my interest and so curiously, I stayed to watch and understand. She was watching one of those Disney cartoons that usually end happily, but I still asked her.

“Mummy, what are you watching with so much concentration? It looks interesting”, I asked. ‘Mummy’ is a pet name I use on either of my girls.

“Yes, it’s very interesting mummy. It’s Frozen, the new one. The part 2. But it’s almost finished”, she chuckled while she glanced up very briefly and then continued watching. But then, I noticed her countenance changed almost immediately and so I proceeded to enquire again.

“So, why do you have that look on your face nah?” She ignored me and just kept saying “Please don’t kiss her. Please don’t kiss her. Why does it have to end happily all the time. Can’t someone just die? Maybe the prince or the princess?!”

And this one…

I was so shocked and had to take a closer look at my daughter…Is she really mine or is this a mini-monster evolving?

Still curious, I had to ask, “Mama, what do you mean does it have to end happily?! Every normal kid loves happy endings. That’s what they look forward to. That’s my best part! How can you wish for someone to die in a cartoon? You are freaking me out?!”

Obviously, finding it funny, she explained, “Oh Ooo! I just hate it when they always have to kiss and get married in the end! Mummy it’s becoming boring and really lame! I still love happily-ever after, don’t worry”.

“Please O! I am worried. How can you wish for such a thing. That’s evil! The only cartoon where someone died was Pocahontas and people where not happy about it and now you are wishing for something similar. I am worried!”

My daughter regretted winding me…when I start my ‘lectures’, I usually don’t end! *Hehehe* And then suddenly I heard, “Okay, okay, mummy, I get it! I don’t want anybody to die!” Then she runs out of the living room. That was rude…but I chose to ignore. My point had been made.

But you know, I couldn’t help replaying what she said in my mind. Has the world changed so much that a little child, who is supposed to be perceived to be pure and innocent, could wish for something as terrible as that? Is there something I am doing that should make her not want ‘love’? Or am I missing some negative behaviour?

I want to believe the kids of today have not changed just because of one ‘crazy’ incidence with my daughter. Anyway, I decided I need to make her watch more of happy stories.

Totally shook up!

Happy Sunday peeps! 


  1. Hahaha? This is very curious. Small children can be very funny. How old is this one? If she is younger than seven I would be surprised. Anyhow don’t worry, she seems to understand the truth about life.


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