What’s wrong with Nigerian boys of today? Most of them have or rather start ‘opportunistic’ relationships…why is that?

Gone are the days when girls where more notorious for running after rich guys, now, it’s the other way round, guys want to pitch a tent with a girl from a rich home!

I was minding my own business gently, when my eye caught a picture that had Korede Bello (Nigerian Mavin Records crooner) and Zahra Buhari (My ‘boyfriend’ President’s daughter…even I am a groupie). Korede had the guts to put the picture on his instagram page and captioned it “Bae and I”! Imagine? Korede of yesterday…

I wondered if they were dating, so I googled it up and realised that the picture was only taken because he was given the divine opportunity to perform at my ‘boyfriend’s inauguration. Mscheew! Korede, that joke is expensive, very expensive…stop it!

Ehen! Back to my yarns about ‘Nigerian men and opportunistic relationships’. Imagine a different scenario, where Korede had to perform in a charity event and babes from disadvantaged situations were in the event. Even if he took a picture with one of the babes, do you think he would have captioned it “Bae and I”?! LOL!

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