A lot of babes can manage for Africa! Seriously, jokes apart, you have no reason hanging around these kind of men… They are recipes for disaster in a relationship.

Some chics just block their eyes to reasoning and would have committed themselves completely before they realise it’s too late.

Explain to me why girls will hang around men like these:
1. THE MAN-CHILD: He is lazy and unmotivated. He is only too happy getting freebies from close family and friends. Because everything works out for him, he expects his luck to lead him far. So if you are going to date this kind of guy, don’t expect much or anything from him… You’ll die waiting. He works on the precept that people have his back.

2. THE UNREPENTANT LIAR: He lies about everything, even his name. This guy that lies blatantly will not be faithful to you. All his girlfriends will suddenly be his cousins, sisters, colleagues, you name it. This type of guy will definitely deny you when the time comes. If you venture to marry this type, your marriage is surely doomed for failure. Don’t even expect him to put food on the table, because he may not have a job he claims to have.

3. ONE THREATENED BY YOUR SUCCESS : This kind of guy will accuse of cheating on him especially when he sees how busy you are…replying emails, answering long phone calls, or going for business trips. If you never run short of cash, he is fast to accuse you of a phantom boyfriend taking care of you. This guy never stops checking your messages or invading your privacy. Well, if you decide to go ahead and marry him, be ready to be a victim of domestic violence.

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