This is particularly for the wives who go to the market or do home-shopping.

I remember my childhood days, I dreaded going to the market with my mum because not only was she an ‘impulse shopper’, she was a ‘die-hard bargainer’ which made us spend more time in the market. We would live home around 8 or 9 am in the morning, and come back from the market around 4 or 5pm that same day…who does that? And you know she would never go to the market with a list, even when I suggest it (which would almost cost me a slap). Then, the most annoying part is that she would use part of the ‘feeding’ money to buy personal stuff like clothes, shoes, bags or jewelry.

I would love to think of myself as a ‘Best deal navigator’ and the ‘Ever faithful loyal shopper’. Yeah, I like to stick to the list and plan for another day.

So what shopper are you? Know thyself…hehehe! Let’s hear read your voice thoughts.

Are you :
1. The Die-hard Bargainer. She can stay on one spot and bargain until the shop owner gets frustrated and gives you the price you’ve been hassling for.
2. The Impulse Buyer. She buys anything she desires without giving it a thought. More so, what’s she’s buying is not even in the list!
3. The Best-deal Navigator. She’s prepared to walk round the whole market, even till night, looking for the best price.
4. The Ever – Faithful-Shopper. She sticks to her list. She may be tempted but she stays loyal to that list of hers.
5. The Window Shopper. Usually, before she decides on what goes on her list, she would window shop to plan better and of course prioritise. This kind of woman is most of the time updated on the latest stuff and price. She’s never taken unawares.

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