Hmmm… Yum yum!

There are soups and there are soups. And to think I knew every type of soup!

I stumbled on a friend who runs a catering service called ANNIE’S KITCHEN. Wowza! Her meals are totally out of this world. Sometimes I wonder how someone can dedicate her life time in a kitchen just COOKING! *Eyes rolling*

Today’s dish from ANNIE’S KITCHEN  is called FISHERMAN’S SOUP. I just had to share this soup with you guys…hope you enjoy it in picture! *hehehe*
The ingredients used are as follows :
– Okro, freshfish,stockfish,shrimps,periwrinkle,peppersoup spices and spices

You can place your order and get it delivered anywhere you are in Lagos by calling 0808 799 6016.

Better still, you can actually pay a visit to ANNIE’S KITCHEN at 3rd Avenue, C close, H16, Festac Town, Lagoimage



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