Finally, Bruce Jenner has ‘come out’ as he promised he would this spring.
He graced the front page of Vanity Fair Magazine this June.


Hmmm… I’m just too stunned for words! I really don’t know how I would feel if my father who birthed me suddenly became a woman!

Well, I wish him well in his new life… Seriously I do.

2 thoughts on “MEET CAITLYN JENNER

  1. Hmm… a man with 8 or so no.of grown kids and in his sixties! I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I watched KUWTK for years n didn’t see this coming. He was never effeminate in his mannerisms. Not even when he started wearing hairstyles that made him look like Kris, would I have considered this a possibility. Are people really born in the wrong body as he would like us to believe or is this a mental disorder? #CaitlynlLooksReallyYoung.


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