Dear NHW,

Please help me out of my confusion.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for close to 6 months and the relationship seems to be going on fine. To be honest with you, I met him on Badoo, an online dating site.

While I was playing with his phone, a message from Badoo came in and curiously, I opened the message. The message led me to other messages from different girls. I’m not sure if they are serious relationships, all the same I am worried.

I expect that since we are dating, he should have logged out of the site ages ago like I did.

Should I be worried or do you think I’m being unnecessarily paranoid?

*My dear writer…please worry O! How can you be comfortable with this behaviour?! It obviously means he’s not so into you and once he finds another girl better than you, he will definitely dump you for her.

Or maybe you are the one assuming you are in a relationship with him, please confirm. I’ve never heard of any solid relationship come out dating sites, most of all Badoo.

Well, I think you should confront him about it and find out what plans he has for you abeg !

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