Ordinarily, it’s not my thing to pry into people’s lives, but what do you do when their lives are right in your face…you just gotta say something!

I admire Linda Ikeji so much (ok maybe not so much…I exaggerated a bit there but I admire her)…her simplicity, modesty, ‘good girlness’ and her inability to take some measurable amount of risks (like some of us). It’s just that I think if you are a celebrity, be sure that ‘eyes’ will be on you! Them ‘eyes’ will surely follow you, whether you like it or not.

In short, what I’m trying to say is that, for some time now, I’ve been following Linda on Instagram…I honestly was hoping to be ‘wowed’ by her supposed great fashion sense, but I noticed something else…that black gate (Gosh, her love for that black gate), same hair, same non-risk-taking look!

After this, she’ll have no choice but to get a professional stylist (who would provide more exciting blend of colours and different styles of hair) and maybe a more exciting photographer (who probably has a more exciting perspective of life and who wouldn’t have to take lovely pictures of Linda in front of the same black gate!…who does that?) #Varietyisthespiceoflife

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0010.jpg Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0008.jpg

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0007.jpg Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0006.jpg

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0005.jpg Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0004.jpg

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0003.jpg Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0002.jpg

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0001.jpg

Do you see what I’m talking about?…that love for the black gate!

Displaying wp_ss_20150530_0009.jpg okay, there was something interesting about this particular picture…it was as if her ‘silly’ photographer said, “Let’s show them a little skin” and she did! Lol!

Then this final picture just ‘did me in’…

wp_ss_20150530_0011 I just wondered what was up with the newspaper! Dunno but seems tacky to me…a room lined with presumably old newspaper, not to mention the newspaper wrap skirt…a complete “No no” for me!

I have one question for you Linda…”Whyyyyy??”

So it’s a wrap guys…Nighty night!!


  1. Lolz… True always in front of d black gate.well I think we all have a special spot at home where we love to take our pictures n selfies b4 heading dtz her shot.

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