What’s really going on with the world?

How can a whole US military make this kind of grave mistake?! But thank God, so far, there hasn’t been any symptoms exhibited by 22 workers who have been exposed. They have been given post-exposure treatment and the samples have been destroyed accordingly.

The samples were supposed to be rendered dead before shipment from the lab in Utah. Unfortunately, the anthrax shipments went to nine States and South Korea.

Anthrax is an acute disease caused the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. It affects mostly animals. It’s not contagious but can be transmitted through contact or consumption of infected meat. It can be spread by anthrax spores on the body of an infected animal and has been used one time by a country as a biological weapon.



When infected, it causes respiratory, abdominal and skin problems.

Thank God, it’s under control now. We can’t afford to suffer another pandemic!

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