Everyday, the activities of many Nigerians are continuously been exposed. It’s funny how we judge people on the outside and fail to observe the inside.

When I read this story about how 2 bankers were defrauded by a herbalist and a prophetess, the first question that crossed my mind was, “What’s the connection between bankers and herbalist and prophetess?!” I hoped it was business that was the connection.

Apparently, the bank workers voluntarily sought the services of the herbalist and the prophetess by bringing money to them for money rituals. *At this time and age? And at this their level? *

One of the bankers being a woman was doing it to get pregnant and to be wealthy as well as successful. Can you imagine?! Isn’t God enough for her? #JustThinkingOutLoud

You can see that education doesn’t really prevent anyone from certain practices. If I were the female banker’s husband, I should be afraid. The rate at which people do all sorts to get rich… Only God will judge.

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