Na wah O!

The economy is really taking a toll on the mental health of most Nigerians. Just because on Nigerian,  Ify Jack is accusing Jim Iyke of marrying her in her sleep, 2 men decided to engage themselves in war of words!

*Is it that these guys are not aware of what’s going on in the country, that they just have to carry ‘jobless’ Ify’s matter on their head*

Pastor Taiwo: The problem with this girl is that she is possessed with a sexual demon called spirit husband which is capable of using the face of anyone the girl may be lusting after in her mind, in order to deceive her into having sexual intercourse with her in the realm of her dream life. It was her spirit husband using the familiar spirit of Jim Iyke to get married to her in her dream..

She needs to submit herself for deliverance that will break, destroy and revoke the marital covenants and yokes she has consciously or unconsciously formed with the spirit husband and evacuate all his evil loads and sexual deposits from her life, destiny,spirit, soul, body and reproductive organ.

Theo Oke: Just shut up, and stop speaking about what you know nothing about!! This is not a spiritual or demonic thing at all. It is a human nature thing. We are all sexual beings, and we do undergo a natural phenomenon called infatuation. Sexual urges should neither be demonised nor vilified, they are absolutely normal. Her feelings are totally in balance with her reproductive normalcy. In fact, contrary to your conclusions, that young lady is mentality and spiritually sound and sexually healthy and well alive. So don’t try to explain it away in terms of evil spirit possession, which you so called pastors often use to prey on gullible, vulnerable and unsuspecting Nigerians. Stick to spreading the Gospel, if you are truly a pastor, and leave sexual functionality and their associated behaviors to clinical psychologists to handle.

Pastor Taiwo: Just see the way the devil has possessed you so much that you can no longer control your tongue. Telling me to shut up because what I have taught is beyond the realm of your natural comprehension is definitely not inspired by God but by the devil who has blinded and darkened the eyes of your soul from perceiving and comprehending the things of God and of the spirit.

The truth is that what happened to the girl is spiritual because it happened in the realm of her dream life. There is no way you can employ physical means to solve a spiritual problem and get any result. A spiritual problem can ONLY be solved by spiritual means.

Theo Oke:  I hope you adhere to your own advice. You are the one with spiritual quackery. Look at the devil incarnate himself calling others the devil. What do you know about human sexuality? Where did you get your formal education in divinity, or are you one of those road side self imposed pastors who go about deceiving people of limited faith? Wayo preacher!! Go and get a real job and stop stealing in the name of the Lord. You are a 419 preacher man. Look at the many lives you’ve ruined through intimidation and fear mongering. You are a fake, and you are running a business outfit which you disguise as a legitimate church just to line your pocket.

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