Dear NHW,

Please help me out of this dilemma O!

I’m presently dating a 30 year old journalist whom I met a little over a year ago. Somehow, it hadn’t occurred to me that he had fully moved in with me. Because it started gradually with weekends only, then few times in a week, then practically everyday he would sleep over.

Time to pay the rent suddenly opened my eyes to the harsh reality that he’s been living with me for a year now. So I nicely asked if he could help with paying more than half of the rent, not even all, but the answer I got from him was not satisfactory. He simply said I was insulting him and that did I realise that he could afford to pay the whole rent. Me in my stupidity, I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for him to give the rent money, but I meet voice mail!

Ever since, he has been eating and sleeping comfortably, without mentioning the rent money. I’m feel somehow bringing up the issue because I’m not used to asking men for money.

Please, what do you advise I do?

Dear Writer,

I’m sorry to say this but you are not being smart about this. If you don’t bring up the issue about the rent, this boyfriend of yours will forever take you for granted! Insist on him contributing at least half of the rent na!

I bet he doesn’t even give you money for feeding him?! Have you even seen his own place, that is if he has a place of his? See how he craftily moved in, probably deceiving you with his charms! You better wake up my dear. Things you cannot tolerate in courtship, you will definitely hate in marriage, because it only gets worse.

No need to be confrontational, just address the issue before anything else is talked about. Shikena!

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