I’ve never believed in external beauty, never ever! Those who know me will attest to this.

When people say the words “You are beautiful”, I want so much to believe they are referring to the inner beauty. A lot of people tend to neglect their inner self, and expect to be appreciated on the outside…it just doesn’t work that way, I’m sorry.

What people generally need to understand is that, as far as I’m concerned, the outside beauty is a reflection of how beautiful the inside is. That inner beauty just has a way of shinning through. I love the way it radiates and it’s so infectious.

I can tell a beautiful person from an ugly one. When I say ugly, I mean all the negative and bitter things ugliness comes with! (Quite a baggage) As much as you may not want to believe, I find it very difficult describing a person as ugly, until I have really met and known that person.

I think everyone especially the women should aspire to be truly beautiful. I have a few tips on how to be a beautiful person:

  1. Accept who you are. Everyone was uniquely made. Don’t die trying to be someone else, you’ll forever be a bitter person. And bitterness is equivalent to ugliness.
  2. Realise your worth. God has a plan and purpose for each and everyone of us. Discover what it is and embrace it with love.
  3. Adopt a positive outlook on life generally. Stop your pity party because the only person that can really effect a positive change in your life is you!…you, you, you. If you keep telling yourselves negative stuff, then expect to remain ugly. Don’t forget, things happen for a purpose and may not be in your favour at that moment.
  4. Visualise the new you. Yeah, you want to change from your ugly self?! Then you better get to work and figure out how you want to be…beautiful inside.
  5. Learn to have a good laugh. Laughter, my dears I tell you, is the best medicine ever. Because it’s coming from the inside to the outside, it tends to straighten and relax the facial muscles.
  6. Become genuinely interested in other people. Love is definitely not selfish. Compliment others. Reach out to others in need and help if it is within your capacity to do so.
  7. Take care of your general appearance. For crying out loud, why would you let yourself go? The world hasn’t come to an end! Let the radiance you feel inside glow on the outside. People will judge you by your appearance whether you like it or not. So if you are still single, let your appearance speak volumes about you. Don’t forget to use bright colours please.
  8. Ensure you eat well. Good diet definitely helps to boost one’s mental process.
  9. A little make up won’t kill! Some people find it very hard convincing others that they are happy and not ill, all because they fail to apply a dash of make up.
  10. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Exercise has been proven to be a ‘happiness’ stimulant. It gets rid of all the sad feeling one has of themselves. Once you are able to achieve a sense of well-being, almost everything falls into place.
  11. Don’t allow worry get the best of you. You need to start learning to trust God more. When you let your faith falter, your worries overwhelm you and that came make you really ugly. Trust me, ugly is not attractive at all…it repels. Worries steal your shine.
  12. Spend time alone...not with anybody but yourself. This will help expose the demons preventing you from being the beautiful you. Running away from your past doesn’t help issues, it will only make you feel uglier.

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