Do you have kids that simply drive you ‘nuts’? Sometimes, it’s really difficult to get through to them…isn’t it?!

Well, after years of studying my kids, I think I am finally beginning to crack the puzzle…and guess what? I don’t need to shout or yell as much again! I see a lot of parents struggle really hard trying to communicate with their kids (remember, communication is supposed to be a 2-way thingy), and can’t help but notice how the kids are simply looking at their parent innocently, wondering “Why all the fuss?!” and then shaking their heads in amazement in their minds. Lol!

I hope the following tips help:

  1. Touch them. Hug them. Even when you are not in the mood…just hug them anyway.
  2. If your kids say to you “I love you”, it won’t kill you to say it back to them. I realized that they only say that when they need you to reassure them of your love, that same love that they feel for you.
  3. Meal times can be a struggle! Tell me about it. You want them to finish their food, then ask them what they would prefer before you make it…that way, both of you are happy. *Some old school of thought suggest that you don’t because you’ll be spoiling them*. Look, at the end of the day, all we want are healthy kids who look forward to meal times.
  4. Pray with your kids, no matter how short that prayer is and then kiss them good night…they absolutely love it. It makes the prayer seem so real!
  5. You can scold kids but don’t yell! Just say what you need to say but firmly…they ain’t deaf! When you yell, the kids focus on the noisy sound coming out of you rather than your words! The whole idea is for the kids to listen to what you have to say…really!
  6. Quit telling your kids about your achievements when you’re scolding or punishing them, because, frankly speaking, they just don’t care (at least at that moment). They are only going to roll their eyes in their head at you! Your achievements will only make sense while you guys are generally relaxing.
  7. Don’t threaten to punish your kids if you aren’t going to ever punish them. Eventually you will sound so lame!

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