Recently, I just discovered that Baby Wipes can do more than what it’s meant for. Until now, I would invest in a lot of facial wipes, that don’t even add any extra value apart from wiping make-up.

 One time, when I ran out of facial wipes and I so desperately needed to clean that face, I simply decided to use my niece’s aloe-vera baby wipes…the difference was massive. It not only wiped the make up, it left my skin squeaky clean and supple.

So here are other advantages of the baby wipes:

  1. When you are too tired or lazy to have a bath, do a total body cleaning with the wipes…just like a baby! (I must warn you, you will require a lot of it).
  2. It’s helpful in cleaning surfaces of your phone, laptop, ipad or even your sunglasses.
  3. It can also be used as a pre-date body refresher!

The good thing about these wipes, is that they come in refill packs, that easily fit into your regular handbag.

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