Lol! I don’t know why this question came to my mind? But let’s be honest, we have one time or the other been ‘evil’ to our spouse.

I was generally ‘chillaxing’ in my office and my mind drifted to the early years in my marriage…Oh, those trying moments. My hubby was seriously having a hard time adjusting to marital life. In his mind, he was still very much a bachelor. Getting him to act more responsibly as a husband and a father was quite tasking…Phew! In some cases, drastic situations called for drastic actions…

If I remember vividly, it was few hours to the New Year, and every newly wed couple usually used that opportunity to spend quality time together, even pray into the new year…but not my hubby! For crying out loud, it was supposed to be our second new year together and my son’s first with us. I remember stressing this fact and even pleading with him to spend time at home with us. Apparently, he had plans with the ‘boys’. Anyways, I still begged him to come home in time for the family 1 hour vigil into the New Year. He agreed.

My darling ‘bachelor’ hubby, ended up coming staggering home at 3:00 am on New Year’s Day…so much for the Vigil! I didn’t say anything, in fact, I refused to utter a word…I just let him stagger in, reeking of alcohol, generally in a happy mood…soon to be sad! *Hehehe*

Morning came, we barely said a word to each other, knowing obviously who the guilty party was! He made no attempt to apologize or even explain his misbehavior the previous day, and I didn’t even push.

You know normally, most people cook all sorts of rice and things for the New Year celebration…but not me. I needed to punish my hubby. So I cooked plain beans porridge with nothing to garnish it with. Oh, my goodness, you should have seen the look on his face! No one told him to start begging, not even apologizing…Mscheew!

What about you guys, what’s that ‘evil’ stuff you did to your spouse? Share…


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