Good evening peeps.

So mad right now at my hubby. I still don’t understand why my husband finds it difficult to lock the master bedroom …I mean, it can’t be that hard! All he really needs to do is insert his own key in the key hole, then turn it to the right…then Voila! It is locked. But I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

At much as I do not have diamond or gold in the room, I still have things that are valuable and invaluable to me in there. And to think we have a maid in the house, though she hasn’t given me any reason to suspect her of ‘thievery’, I still need to be ‘kiaful’ *in my mum’s voice*

The most annoying thing about this behaviour of his is that, he expects you to obey him but the one thing I ask of him, he doesn’t freaking do…Lock the damn door! As soon as I called him to scold him of course…he hurriedly apologized…that didn’t go down well with me…so, apology not accepted! *He has to pay* …Thinking about paying, that’s not such a bad idea…he just has to pay!!

Anyway, before I bore you guys any further with my rants, something really emotional happened at my office that seriously moved me to tears. There is this elderly patient of mine that sorts of reminds me of my late dad…super cool, well spoken and polished. Well, he came to my office looking so distressed, like he needed someone to talk to. Of course I ushered him in without giving it a thought, and he started pouring out his sadness. He has 5 kids who have relocated abroad and so he is left alone to cater to his really sick wife. Apparently his diabetic wife suddenly developed a psychiatric problem that lands her as an in patient in the psychiatric ward. The short of the story is that he is beat. The old man is exhausted. And now the hospital is soon going on another strike, meaning he will be left alone to care for his ill wife. He’s scared that that would totally kill him. I totally agree.

Anyway, the moral of this gist is that, we young people should not neglect our aged parents, no matter how troublesome we feel they are. One day, we will grow old, and trust me, I believe so much in Karma. Let’s take care of them in such a way that our kids will be there for us too. Even if you are not in the same country as they, a call wouldn’t hurt. Now see, I was the only thing closest to a child to him and that’s why he came to me. I pacified him and collected the phone number of one his kids and promised to call her, so that she can reach out to the other kids in diaspora.

You know the annoying thing about this my good deed, I just got home, about to make that call, only to realize I forgot the phone number in my office…damn!!

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