The fact is that, most people already know this, but I guess the thrill of the unknown is what keeps the dating on. The climax of the dating or should I say the anti-climax of it all is when “the cat or lion is let out of the sack”!…when the covers all come off and you get to know the real person behind the mask. *Hehehe*
I stumbled on this awesome piece by Nicole Weaver, and just thought I should share it.
It’s time to close your online dating account because it’s just no use!

Thanks to the internet becoming almost inescapable there is less stigma when it comes to online dating, but the question is: Does it work?  Well according to research, the answer the answer is a hard no.

Part of it is us self-sabotaging — but sites often times ruin things as well. The point we’re trying to make is you’re better off (line), when it comes to finding love. But for reassurance here are four reasons to stop looking for your next big romance in the cyber world and get into the real world, according to Psychology Today.

1. The process for matching isn’t proven to work
Many sites have a certain algorithm to find “the one” but it all may be for nothing. Here’s why!Psychometric tests sites used to find out if people are compatible aren’t proven to actually work.

2. People are filthy liars

When you go online to find a date, you should prepare yourself for disappointment rather than success. Eh, sounds a little bleak but … people are able to put their best foot forward online, which sounds good until you meet a guy (in person) who totally lied about his appearance. Need more convincing? A study found that 13.3 percent of men and 6.7 percent of women like to bend the truth when it comes to their relationship status online. See? Sneaky!

3. Talking through technology is emotionally misleading
You hear it all the time (An episode of Catfish if you haven’t) — people begin connecting via dating websites and in turn become emotionally drawn to them. They know everything about each other because they talk non-stop. While this seems like a positive thing, it isn’t. People do reveal more about themselves in these type of situations, but it’s not long lasting. When people finally meet they are often let down because their expectations exceeded the reality. So if you have put off meeting face-to-face you could just be wasting your time.

4. They’re too many options
You would think the saying “the more the merrier” would be true in this case. Not so much, though. Science has found that it just opens the door for poor decision making. Science has shown that we actually get lazy and make bad decisions when given so many options. Best bet? Stick to guys you come across in real life, ladies.

So there, the watch word is to be super careful though!


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