I really shouldn’t be going overboard about this, but whatever!…the feeling of knowing your son is chic crazy is just awesome.

As much as I have nothing against MWLM or BWLB, I’d rather stick to the old fashioned way of a guy being girl-crazy. With all the sex change and sexual orientation thingy going on these days, I won’t lie it sort of got me bothered a bit, wondering if my son would wake up one day and tell me otherwise and really what are am I going to do about it?…hate him? most definitely not!

You know, after I picked him up from school and we were driving home together, I felt super-cool knowing that my soon to be 12 year old was opening up to me about his girl-troubles (While I was screaming inside of my head, “See this boy, is this what you are supposed to be talking about?!”), but I listened to him patiently until he got all the problems off his chest about this new chic in his class. Lol!

I thank God we were able to talk about it, mentioning how important it was for him to still maintain the good cool boy character (at least that’s what most chics would like, a guy they felt comfortable hanging around with) and of course stressed on the most important things…his books, education, studies, whatever you want to call it.

The truth is that, if I had shied away from listening to his problems, it would still bother him and would affect his studies (does day-dreaming ring a bell?), and eventually he could get the wrong advice from friends with questionable family values…so, it’s was better we talked about it. Phew! 

The other day, he was really upset that a friend of his was talking to a girl he was crushing on!…Like seriously?!…very upset O! Trust me, it took a whole lot of talking and reasoning before he got himself back on track!

His sister raised an important and interesting observation though…which sort of got me concerned. She noticed that my son had this thing for pretty plus-sized girls! And I agreed with her, because even I have noticed same too. Hmmmm…and I’m thinking “Is he looking for his mummy’s look alike?! He vehemently denied the allegations. Well, we’ll just have to be more observant.

All in all, I might need to tighten my belt with what lies ahead in this ‘Girl-trouble Drama’. Whatever he’s feeling…he shouldn’t just make me a Grandma until God’s own appointed time!

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