Good morning peeps!

It feels really good to be back.  I’m finally ready to narrate my experience with my last supposed fantastic maid. Wow! That experience kinda left me moderately traumatized, so much so that when I hear the word ‘maid’, I squirm! Lol!

I’m so glad to be back from my exhilarating vacation, save for the “No water – no electricity – no fuel” situation! Really?! *Nigeria should be arrested*

It still beats me black and blue how leaders of this great nation can be comfortable with the present state of the country! *Seems to me like a bad case ‘fecal incontinence’ *… In which case,  Nigeria can’t control its bulls&#t.

Meanwhile I’ve seriously been thinking of a theme for my write ups of today but couldn’t come up with any :-(… So I’m just gonna go with the flu of everything that inspires me to connect with you guys. 🙂

Do have an awesome day ahead.


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