Just so you know… this isn’t getting funnier!

I’m still trying to ‘wean’ my 6 year old off my matrimonial bed (and have failed consistently too),  look who she ‘invites’ to join the ‘party’!…her crazy-looking dolly!!

I told her immediately that I can’t have 2 of her on my bed… She had better choose… It’s either she or her dolly stays. Of course you know already… She chose to stay and kept the dolly out! #TalkAboutFriends

Now, on a more serious note… If anyone has a real concrete plan as to how to get my daughter off my matrimonial bed… Pls share!!  *Abeg*

9 thoughts on “ANOTHER ‘INTRUDER’ IN MY BED!!!

  1. Sorry, you shouldn’t have allowed her in the first place. I remember my grandma used to keep telling me not to sleep in my parents bed. I was about 12. I just couldn’t understand. The bed was wide enough and they never send me away.

    The excuse I give my children is that they don’t let me sleep well, the bed is not wide enough for 3/4, then when they insist my husband bodily lifts them to their bed.

    Set up a bed time routine that ends with you praying with them or her on her bed in her room. All the best.

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