resized grandma pants

My friends tell me I still have hope but God knows I don’t believe them! I’m not particularly a spring chicken and so I wouldn’t want you to waste your ‘singleness’ on ‘grumpiness’!

What I’m trying to say is that I’m here to BEG you to ditch those ‘grandma’ lingerie for ones that are super hot and sexy! Don’t get me wrong sweetie, I’m not trying to promote pre-marital sex and all that, I’m only trying to help you feel good about yourself. It’s in feeling good about yourself, that confidence quietly seeps into your life!

Confidence is one thing that guys admire in women, and that comes when you feel good about yourself. Some of you single girls may never know how sexy you are if you don’t ditch those ugly looking undies for crazy hot ones.


resized pics

So, my dear…do exactly as I tell you and you’ll be thanking me later! *wink*

If you are still in doubt, imagine a situation whereby you are wearing a dress or skirt, and suddenly it gets ripped, you would be doing yourself a whole lot of good if your lingerie is on point!…I’ll probably rip it some more…so that people could get a better view!


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