The 33-year-old was stunned to fall pregnant again after being told she was infertile

In a normal situation, I should rejoice with her…unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about this whole gist.

Before I start airing my views on her situation, let me just tell you how this lady ended up in this ‘happy’ situation.

This is 33 year old Nadine. She already has four kids (from left, Trae, 13, Roxanne, 18, Zion, 9 and Joshua, 1)

Set to become seven siblings: Nadine Crooks who is expecting triplets pictured with her four children, from left, Trae (13), Roxanne (18), Zion (9) and Joshua (1)

Doctors said she would never be able to conceive naturally again after cysts were found on both her swollen ovaries.

She stopped taking the Pill and was stunned when she fell pregnant for a fifth time last November. Nadine has been told she is now expecting two boys and a girl with her 35-year-old partner, who did not want to be named.

Are you guys feeling what I’m feeling? The guy responsible for this pregnancy is just a ‘partner’!…not cool. I hate it when women do this sort of thing to themselves. I mean, I would advice any woman in her position to concentrate on taking care of herself rather than be a baby factory!…not funny!

Nadine with her four children said they are all amazed that she's set to have three more
Courtesy Daily Mail

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