Should I be worried now? Should I really be worried about whom I employ to work in my home, at the risk of my family’s safety?

The growing fear among wives and mothers is fast becoming palpable. No matter the age of employment, they all seem to have one thing in common, if not more, which is “having an evil agenda” to either steal, kill, kidnap or infect. These agenda apparently seems to be increasing by the dozen.

Sadly, there’s no other means of finding out except to rely on your natural God-given instincts…or better still ‘spiritually-acquired’ instincts, which will probably depend on the level of your relationship with God.

I’ve not actually told you guys about the outcome of my maid, whom I went almost went ‘gaga’ over when I employed her. I will really tell you guys about, but not now…I’m still healing.

The government really has to step in and sort of create policies on a work-friendly conditions for career/ family-oriented women. Working hours should be reviewed, as well as create an environment where women can better monitor who cares for their children. I dunno but what do you guys think? because this problem is getting out of hand.

Just the other day, my younger sister called in sick at her office, just because her ‘trusted’ maid took off without any notice, leaving her stranded on a weekday! She had to use 3 days to sort herself out lest she lost the job she got! While my poor sister was fuming, I just quietly told her that we should even thank God she didn’t run off with the kids…that was a reality check!

I’m not sure if you guys have noticed, but when it becomes impossible for these maids’ agenda to be carried out, they just take off, without notice especially.

In the meantime, what do you guys think can be done about this problem? We can’t just fold our hands and be watching families be destroyed by these home invaders! How can be the problem of maid employment be better managed?

Ideas please…


  1. Hmm…my dear NHW, this matter tire me!! well, I think we need like a system whereby everyone has an ID with a social security number…like in the west!! every single thing about an individual is tied around that ID…work, school, loans, benefits etc. If you dont have an ID, you dont get a job,etc. An ID should contain every info about you…even up to how many times you blink in a day (Lol, just saying)!! It will put everyone on their toes, really!! If this kind of system was in place…I think we will have less of all these kidnap cases by maids et al cos there will be a system to put checks. Abi, how you see the matter?!


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