From farm to plate, make food safe

Hi peeps! I care about you guys and that’s why I’m here, sharing vital information for your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth.

Today the world is celebrating ‘Health’ and the focus is on food…Food Safety. No one is left out in the campaign, from the food producers/manufacturers to the food transporters to the consumers (us). All these category of persons I just mentioned, have their roles to play in ensuring that food remains generally safe.

The truth of the matter is, that we the consumers need to be very careful with everything we put in our mouth. Where you purchase the food, handling of that food, checking the expiring date and how the food is preserved is so important..very important.

World Health Organisation (WHO), is urging people to take particular care in ensuring food safety because, whether you believe it or not, there lots of diseases that are transmitted through food. Does Cholera, Dysentery, sound familiar?! There are other diarrhoeal diseases but they can be prevented.

Therefore, WHO has devised 5 key ways to help us keep food safer:

  1. Keep clean – your hands, utensils, etc.
  2. Separate Raw and Cooked food.
  3. Cook food thoroughly – not half and half O!…as in really cooked.
  4. Keep food at safe temperatures – especially a temperature that will not allow bacteria grow, like freeze necessary foods or you refrigerate.
  5. Use safe water and raw materials. For those of you in food production, this message is especially for you. Use clean water to process the food production. Do not use unsafe preservatives to produce the food.

So go on my lovelies and preach Safe Food to the world…

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