God is definitely Nigerian. He truly loves being a Nigerian too, if not, tell me why He is slowly exposing political tyrants and then disgracefully bringing them down.

God is slowly wiping my tears, tears of sorrow for my great nation, Nigeria.

Oba Akiolu, is nothing but a big time disgrace not only to Lagos but Nigeria, as a whole. I would like to categorically inform him that his days are numbered too. How dare he threaten people to vote for his candidate…who does that?! If his candidate is worthy of the position in question, then let him wear that cap by merit! Mscheeew!

I serve a living God and no weapon fashioned against me or my people will prosper! I don’t know what god he serves but my God is bigger biggest than any other god…note that!

It’s people like Oba Akiolu that run this country’s name in the mud.

I would love to urge my fellow Nigerians, not to lose focus or be deterred from the main goal, by mere thugs in political position. It is time for a revolution. Let’s forge ahead for the finish line is close.

Eko oni baje O!


  1. It is rather unfortunate that this is supposed to be a traditional ruler and is supposed to have at least common sense (since common sense is no longer common among the large majority)!! I have always asked my self…what legacy is the older generation leaving for us!! Tribalism/Religious bigotry/Lost traditional values etc seems to be what their actions/inactions portarys. Just hearing the Oba talk in this clip is like listening to a motor park tout threatening bus drivers to pay their park levies!! Like you rightly said, Chi…God is a Nigerian and is so loving it and nicely and slowly exposing all our enemies!! #alwaysproudlynigerian


  2. sentiment? It will not take us anywhere. Objectivity in whatever thing we do, bearing in mind that it is not of individual but of Nigeria as an entity we will surmount all obstacles. But if it is of a person or state we will destroy the entity. Please let us be mindful of our utterances for the sake of our dear country.


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