Vijay Chokal-Ingam claims that he posed as a black man while he applied to medical schools in 1998 because he believed he had a better chance of gaining acceptance

Vijay Chokal-Ingam is an Indian-American who had to transform into an African-American to gain admission into medical school. He applied twice in the same school, first as an Indian-American (application was rejected), and then secondly, as an African-American. This time, his application was accepted.

Though his website,, shows side-by-side qualifications and pictures of Chokal-Ingam as an Indian-American man (left) and a black man (right), he doesn't specify if he went through the same application process as an Inidan-American man as he did a black man

His family members totally disagree and disapprove his claims.

Abeg, Vjay’s family should shift joor! Vjay may be an Indian but the man has a ‘hustling’ spirit, which is a characteristic feature of a Black man!

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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